President Obama nominated  yet another bundler Wednesday for an excellent ambassadorship, one in beautiful Costa  Rica,  land of wonderful beaches, volcanoes, tropical forests, zip-lining, exotic fauna and flora, lovely people and no army.

The pick? Stafford Fitzgerald Haney, who’s head of business development and client service at Pzena Investment Management.

Okay. We know what you’re thinking: Just another fat cat who gave huge bucks to buy a nice embassy and probably doesn’t speak Spanish and has never been anywhere near Costa Rica.

But looks like you would be wrong. Haney could be described — according to a New York Times tally — not as a mega-bundler but more a mini-bundler, raising only $35,800 in the last campaign (through September 2012) and just under a piddling $200,000 since 2007. (Contrast with Ambassador to Belgium Denise Bauer’s $2.4 million in 2011-12 and $4.4 million since ’07. Now that’s mega.) Haney also contributed 50 large for the Obama 2013 inaugural.

It’s pretty safe to assume, from his résumé, that Haney speaks some Spanish, since he worked for much of the ’90s for U.S. companies in Puerto Rico and as a company marketing manager for Mexico and Central America — which may have even taken him to Costa Rica. He also got undergrad and masters degrees from Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service.