Former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown (AP Photo/Jim Cole, File)

The Scott Brown campaign vehemently denied that the candidate gaffed during a Boston radio interview, saying a reference to the Massachusetts delegation was not a slip.

The Loop this morning published a quote from an interview Brown did with Boston Herald Radio that sounded like he mistakenly mixed up Massachusetts with New Hampshire.

According to Brown’s campaign, the former Massachusetts senator turned New Hampshire candidate for Senate said, during an answer about the border crisis, “many other people in your Massachusetts delegation,” because he was talking to a Boston reporter.

New Hampshire Democrats, who blasted the audio in a release “Brown Forgets What State He’s In,” charged that Brown said “many other people in the Massachusetts delegation.”

The radio host Jaclyn Cashman and Boston Herald political reporter Hillary Chabot both said on Twitter that the Brown campaign’s interpretation of the quote is the accurate one.

We’ve listened to the audio multiple times, and it is difficult to discern from the garbled voice, but we have concluded that it is unlikely that this was, in fact, a gaffe on Brown’s part.

Brown, of course, is incredibly vulnerable to carpetbagger attacks because of his state switch, and Democrats will pounce on any evidence that his head is still in Massachusetts.

You can listen to the audio here: