Then-Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass., waves to supporters from his bus after a campaign rally at Faneuil Hall in Boston in Nov. 2012 (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer, File)

(Ed. Note: After listening to the audio multiple times, we have concluded that Scott Brown likely did not gaffe. We have a new post clarifying here.)

File this under old habits die hard.

Ever since former Massachusetts senator Scott Brown saw an opening in New Hampshire and hopped the border to run again for the Senate in the neighboring state, opponents have been on high alert for any Brown slip ups.

Brown’s most difficult task is to shed the carpetbagger tag, but he doesn’t do himself any favor when he says things like this on Boston Herald radio:

“And that’s a big difference between Senator Shaheen and me and many other people in the Massachusetts delegation, and Senator Shaheen, in particular, the president.”

Brown, the frontrunner in the primary for the GOP nomination, was talking about the border crisis, and said Obama and Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) should “focus on the issues important right now, which is securing the border.” He made the point that the difference between himself and them is that he’s “not for amnesty and never have been, I have not supported the Dream Act, she has.”

Listen to the clip here:

A new NBC News/Marist poll released this week shows Brown trailing Shaheen  in New Hampshire 42 percent to 50 percent. Her favorables also top 50 percent while his are at 40 percent.

But, for a guy from out of town, only 3 percent of registered New Hampshire voters have never heard of him.


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