At age 88, Rep. John Dingell (D-Mich.) has absolutely no idea who Kim Kardashian is or, moreover, what she has to do with clean water.

(Answer: Nothing.)

The longest-serving member of Congress helped write the 1972 Clean Water Act, so it’s an issue near and dear to his heart. Imagine his confusion when the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Water started talking about a reality TV star instead of water quality.

A fellow managing the EPA Office of Water Twitter account went rogue Monday evening, tweeting that she reached C-list celebrity status in a Kim Kardashian smartphone game. “An EPA fellow inadvertently triggered an auto-generated tweet. She regrets the error and has been advised on the sensitivities of using social media” an EPA spokeswoman said in an e-mail.

Dingell saw the tweet and, having no idea what a Kardashian is, decided it best to publicly check in to make sure everything was all right over at the EPA. (Unclear if he knows what a Kanye is.)

On Tuesday morning, the water enviros – after deleting the accidental tweet – offered an apology.

Meanwhile, Dingell, who is the dean of the House, was getting briefed by his staff on the question that has puzzled Americans for nearly a decade: What is Kim Kardashian famous for? Apparently even Hill folks can’t fully answer that one.

Today, the octogenarian Dingell, who was born decades before Al Gore invented the Internet, won the Internet.