The Senate managed to send an ambassador to Russia, and Congress patched highway funding, but Sen. Cory Booker returns to New Jersey adding only one selfie to his collection.

(What are we talking about? If you missed our previous coverage here and here, Booker has endeavored to take selfies with all 99 Senate colleagues.)

His lucky 13 was Majority Leader Harry Reid, so that’s a pretty significant get. Go big or go home? (Or, in his case, go big and then go home…)

Booker writes effusive captions for the pictures he posts on his Instagram account, and he had many feelings to share about his party leader:

Here with Senator Harry Reid of Nevada. He is the Senate Majority Leader. As a candidate, he revealed himself to me in a meaningful way. During my primary, my father had a stroke in Nevada and eventually died there. After the stroke and before his passing, Harry Reid showed my family extraordinary kindness — even going to my father’s bedside and sitting with him during his final days as I was in New Jersey. His spirit helped bring us comfort during a painful time. While much can be said about Harry Reid professionally, my opinion of him will always begin and end with the same conclusion: He is a profoundly kind, caring, compassionate and decent man. It is a great honor to serve with him.”

In last week’s Booker Watch, we gave the senator a hard time for his slow pace at this self-created competition. Isn’t he with these people all day long? Couldn’t you pop out like 10 selfies at caucus lunches, grab a few after a committee hearing and another dozen or so at votes? Also, if his goal is to capture the current 99 then he needs to high tail it after recess because a significant chunk are retiring, or may lose their re-election.

Booker took umbrage at our setting an end-of-the-year deadline for him. He tweeted us about it, which then resulted in a rare Loop dialogue with Booker on Twitter about his selfie plans:

Heitkamp, huh? That’s a curve ball. We had our money on John McCain or Ted Cruz.