AP Photo/Ron Edmonds
(Ron Edmonds/AP)

Seems kids aren’t much interested in working for the federal government these days, according to a recent poll, and the National Treasury Employees Union is fixin’ to do something about that.

An Ipsos Public Affairs poll, commissioned by the NTEU, found that only 8 percent of adults with kids said their children wanted to be federal workers, according to Government Executive, a trade magazine.

And this reluctance comes at a time of a predicted retirement “wave . . . with more than a third of career federal employees projected to be eligible for collecting their end-of-career benefits by September 2017,” our colleague Josh Hicks reported.

So NTEU president Colleen Kelley told Government Executive that the union is launching a national media campaign to encourage parents to tell their kids about the greatness of federal employment, “even though that’s not the first place they think to work.” There’s “interesting jobs in nearly every field,” she said.

Maybe so. But judging from the reader comments at the end of the article, the campaign better be first-rate. The first comment was:  “Really? I would have to think long and hard before suggesting a federal career for my children. Political persecution, pay freezes, shutdowns, low pay, and reliance on dicey pension promises. . .

Well, “ask not what your country can do for you . . ” okay?