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Update: Well, Loop fans we were wrong. The White House told Boston Globe reporter Matt Viser that the president passed on the opportunity to take the ice bucket challenge, but instead made a donation to ALS. From Viser’s Twitter:

The original story:

Will President Obama dump a bucket of ice water over his head?

If you spend any time browsing your Facebook newsfeed, you’re well aware that your “friends” have taken to posting videos of themselves pouring freezing liquid over themselves in the name of charity and then nominating others to do the same within 24 hours.

Now it’s Obama’s turn.

The Boston Globe first reported Monday that Ethel Kennedy, the 86-year-old widow of Robert Kennedy, had challenged Obama to get doused. In a video posted on Ethel’s son, Maxwell Kennedy’s Facebook page, she holds an orange beach bucket, and after the entire Kennedy clan pours ice on themselves one by one, she says, “Welcome to Cape Cod, President Obama. I nominate you,” before getting assistance having ice water poured over her head.

We’re awaiting a response from the White House. Obama is on Martha’s Vineyard, an island off of Cape Cod, for a week-long family vacation. (We bet he does it.)

The #IceBucketChallenge is part of a campaign to raise money and awareness for ALS that has spread fast across social media. If Obama accepts, he’ll join the likes of Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, Matt Lauer and Martha Stewart.

Your move, Mr. President.