Vice President Biden gives a speech on July 4 at Independence Hall in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Vice President Biden is rousing the troops again.

He may have raised an eyebrow or two a couple months ago when he hopped onto a conference call to touch base with many of the hundreds of his former Senate, vice presidential and campaign staffs.

As we reported, he just wanted to say, “Hi, howahya,” to everybody. Biden spoke for a few minutes, saying that he’d wanted to do something like that for a couple of years and that he was sorry he hadn’t been able to keep up with everyone. (It was a one-way chat; the callers were on mute.)

The call was organized via a Democratic National Committee e-mail invite from Biden counselor Greg Schultz. He had been Ohio state director for the Obama-Biden reelection campaign and was Ohio deputy political director in 2008.

Sure, we were suspicious, but figured Biden was just being friendly.

But more eyebrows will likely be raised by the latest “Save the Date” invite to Biden alumni from Schultz. This one is for a Sept. 16 gathering of former Biden aides in both Delaware and here in Washington at 6 p.m. Venue and other details coming soon, Schultz advised.

“This will be a great opportunity to reconnect with old friends and meet other Biden Alumni from over the years,” Schultz said, reminding everyone to fill out updated contact info.

Well, after watching the disastrous Hillary Clinton memoir launch and surveying the rest of the Democratic field, it only makes sense for Biden, who’s run for president twice before, to do so some preliminary work now.

Not that that’s what he’s doing, of course.