HANDOUT IMAGE: A portrait of the godfather of modern philandering, Warren G. Harding. (Library of Congress)
A portrait of the godfather of modern political philandering, Warren G. Harding. (Library of Congress)

A new Broadway — well, off-Broadway — show about Washington’s best sex scandals? We’re sold.

The new play, “Tail! Spin!” is “drawn verbatim from the leaked e-mails, raunchy texts and tell-tale tweets that brought down politicians [and Loop favorites] Anthony (“I Was Hacked”) Weiner, Mark (Appalachian Trail”) Sanford, Larry (Wide Stance”) Craig and Mark (“Underage Page”) Foley.”

Washingtonians get your tickets. “Tail! Spin!” opens in previews Sept. 18 and closes Nov. 30 at the Lynn Redgrave Theater on Bleecker Street in the East Village.

The cast of five includes Rachel Dratch, who starred in “Saturday Night Live” from 1999 to 2006 and Tom Galantich, who played the soon-to-be ex-president and first lady’s therapist and marriage counselor, the Rev. Thomas Larkin, in season two of “House of Cards.”

But wait! Will they also pay homage to the godfather of it all,  the late, great President Warren G. Harding, who, 10 years before he was elected, wrote some 900 pages of steamy letters to his lover and the wife of one of his friends?

Remember, Harding was a man ahead of his time, who even presaged Weiner’s spectacular “selfies,” writing on the back of a photo of himself a torrid love note to his mistress, telling her of his “mad, tender, devoted, ardent, eager, passion-wild, jealous . . . hungry . . . love ” for her, one that “flames like the fire and consumes.”

“It racks in the tortures of aching hunger, and glows in bliss ineffable — bliss only you can give,” he wrote in the missives recently opened to the public by the Library of Congress.

Granted, he wasn’t found out at the time, but surely Dratch and company can find some way to work in this great material?