A liberal advocacy group that supports a two-state solution between Israel and Palestine has launched a new ad campaign intended, it seems, to inspire millennials to care about the Middle East conflict.

J Street, using a song that topped the charts six years ago, is plastering stickers around major metropolitan areas with a cartoon of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu flanked by two Beyonces. The message? “If you like it then you should put a border on it.” Catchy.

Netanyahu was in New York Monday to address the United Nations General Assembly. In the past, Netanyahu has expressed some support for a two-state solution, but with conditions that Palestinians have said are unacceptable.

In Beyonce’s song, “Single Ladies,” it’s clear she’d like her boyfriend to put a ring on her finger. It’s less clear what the first “it” is in J Street’s version. Israel? Peace? (We asked. It’s “Israel.”)

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has eluded resolution for more than six decades, despite the oft-herculean efforts of successive U.S. secretaries of state. So why not use a popular global pop star to make your stated position on it as clear-cut as possible?

“We wanted to cut through the crap and get back to basics with an image that was simple, striking, and — humbly submitted — even a bit funny,” said J Street spokeswoman, Jessica Rosenblum.

No word on where Beyonce stands on the conflict.