It’s not been a great fall for folks at the State Department. They’ve been scurrying around the globe dealing with constant crises: Ukraine, North Korea, China, Russia, ISIS, Ebola and so on. It’s all been very scary.

And when life gets hard, some folks head for the comfort food, leading to the dreaded War on Waist.

Worse yet, Halloween, itself a scary event, adds to the problem, the health office at Foggy Bottom advises, because of  “the increased availability of empty calories from the traditional Halloween candy.”

But the medical office is fighting back, with a “special Halloween Wellness Line Dance event,” our invite notice said.

As the department “celebrates ‘Work Life Wellness’ this month, all employees are encouraged to come out and participate in this fun and therapeutic event,” the notice said. “This wellness event will definitely provide an opportunity to burn some extra calories, enhance well-being, encourage camaraderie and give more energy in the work area.”

(Someone please send video of Secretary John Kerry doing the do-si-do.)

Everyone can line up for 40 minutes of fun at a nearby plaza for sessions at 11:45 a.m. or 12:45 p.m. And, if seeing your colleagues sweating away — or having them see you — isn’t appealing, there’s this: “Employees who wish to participate are encouraged to wear their favorite Halloween costume during the Wellness Line Dance.”

Just bring your Putin or Kim Jung Un mask and they’ll never recognize you.