Remember The Great Palin family brawl of 2014? If not, here’s a brief recap: The Palin brood go to a birthday party in a white stretch Hummer limo. Two fights break out involving the Palins. There were punches thrown, profanities screamed and blood drawn.

No charges were filed and Sarah Palin took to Facebook calling the incident “humiliating,” but defending her family. Nothing left to see here, right?

But wait. There’s one person we never heard from. The man responsible for introducing the Palins to the world: Sen. John McCain.

McCain, interviewed on local Phoenix television last week, was asked for his thoughts about the Palin fight.

“I think these are family affairs. I don’t know much of the details about it,” McCain told KTVK. Then he added, “Things happen in people’s families and I’m not excusing it, I’m not condemning it.”

The two former running mates aren’t said to be exceptionally close, but McCain took Palin’s side in blaming the media for piling on when news of the fight broke in September. He contends, as do many of Palin’s supporters, that the media has targeted her since she arrived on the national stage in 2008.

“I just know that the kind of coverage that this got, in my view, is in keeping with the kind of coverage the liberals have accorded to Sarah Palin for a number of years, which in my view, is biased and unfair and sometimes unacceptable,” McCain said.

Palin said last week her “haters” only inspire her to “hopefully” make another run for political office.