(This post has been updated.)

White House national security adviser Susan E. Rice is nothing if not blunt.

Rice is reported to have met a few months ago “with the leader of one of the major American Jewish organizations,” the Israeli publication Haaretz.com’s foreign affairs correspondent Barak Ravid reported Monday, and she was asked why she hadn’t met with Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer, who had been named to the job last year.

“He never asked to meet me,” she said. “Besides, I understood that he’s too busy traveling to [meet with casino mogul and GOP contributor] Sheldon Adelson’s events in Las Vegas.”

In March, Dermer had addressed a Republican Jewish Coalition dinner, a group backed by Adelson, in Vegas.

An NSC spokesperson  noted that the “report is based on unattributed hearsay.” The “reality,” we were told, “is that the U.S.-Israel relationship today is actually fundamentally stronger in many respects than it’s ever been,” and that Rice met with Dermer “as recently as last Thursday.”

Rice’s frankness is well-known. Remember there was the spectacular meeting last year at a G20 Summit in Russia where, according to an article in Foreign Policy last month by David Rothkopf, who was head of the International Trade Administration in the Clinton administration, she reportedly pounded on the Germans to show some leadership within the European Union on Syria.

The German delegation demurred, wanting more time to consult with other member states. This wishy-washy nonsense caused Rice to blast the Germans in a “lecture that featured a rare diplomatic appearance of” a certain word beginning with “mother.”

That account of the meeting, another NSC spokesperson said, was a “total fabrication. She has never once cursed at her German colleagues,” we were told, “and she maintains excellent relations with all of her European counterparts.”