President Obama hasn’t helped Democrats much this campaign, but outside of politics, the leader of the free world can still help launch a career.

While in Philadelphia stumping for clear frontrunner Tom Wolf, the Democrat in the Pennsylvania gubernatorial race, the president was given a private impromptu backstage concert by a local a cappella group that performed at the Temple University political rally on Sunday.

The five-member group, Brotherly Love, and their friends posted the video of them singing to a clapping, jamming Obama several times on their Twitter and Facebook page.

Since the video went up, the group has received tons of gig offers, including one to sing the National Anthem at a Philadelphia 76ers basketball game, according to celebrity news site TMZ.

Brotherly Love was brought to the president for a photo and they asked if they could sing for him, according to an interview they gave Philadelphia’s NBC10.

Group member King Kahsheef described the president as “stoked.” “He said, ‘You guys have got a nice single there. Really good work’,” Kahsheef said.

So Dems don’t want Obama as their surrogate, but he might not do half bad as a music rep.