So, with the likelihood the Republicans will hand the Democrats a serious drubbing Tuesday, a reporter asked White House press secretary Josh Earnest whether we should expect some key administration figures to decamp forthwith.

Well, Earnest told reporters at Monday’s press briefing, “it’s not uncommon for members of the president’s staff to use the opportunity” of the mid-term election “or its aftermath to leave the White House. . .  transition. So I would anticipate that there will be . . .colleagues of mine here at the White House, who will do exactly that.”

“I don’t know who those people are,” he added. “I don’t know of anybody who is leaving. I just suspect that that’s likely to be the case.” But, unlike “some presidents who have felt compelled in the aftermath of the mid-term elections to publicly fire high-profile” aides, . . .I don’t anticipate that that will happen later this week.”

We can think of a lot of people who might feel “compelled” to  fall on a sword — but maybe not till the end of the year.