With Chuck Hagel out, there are already many contenders being floated for his replacement. Our colleague Dan Lamothe has a running list.

But the American people picked their dream Secretary of Defense months ago, and now that Hagel is officially leaving, the public is renewing its call to name soccer goalkeeper Tim Howard to the job.

And remember, President Obama had promised to “think about it.”

After the U.S. soccer team was knocked out of the World Cup in early July, Howard was regarded as a national hero for his record 16 saves in the match against Belgium. A White House petition was created to name Howard the nation’s Defense Secretary “for acts of valor and general bada—– during the 2014 World Cup.” (The petition has since closed, so no telling how many people ultimately signed it.)

At the time someone even momentarily changed the Wikipedia page for Hagel to name Howard the head of the Pentagon.

The campaign earned Howard a call from Hagel, who told the goalie that “with some training, he could someday become the real secretary of defense.”

And Obama mentioned the petition in his Independence Day video address to the nation: “Chuck Hagel’s got that spot right now, but if there is a vacancy, I promise to think about it,” Obama said.

Well, the pressure’s already mounting for Obama to keep his promise. It took no time for people on Twitter to relaunch their effort to have Howard protect the country just like he protected the goal:

UPDATE: Howard responded.