Scoring an on-the-record interview with a top White House official is almost as hard as getting a bill passed in Congress.

So when President Obama’s most trusted adviser, Valerie Jarrett, agreed to a sit-down with Washington Post Magazine writer Joe Heim, it was quite the get — and even then it had to be rescheduled several times.

A few weeks ago, Heim finally headed over to the Eisenhower Executive Office Building for the interview with Jarrett for the magazine’s “Just Asking” feature, in which he later described her as “open and funny.” But then, when the interview was over, he checked his iPhone recorder and discovered that only the first two minutes were there. This, we can confirm, is a reporter’s worst nightmare.

“I immediately felt just a wave of heat go through my body, just sheer terror,” Heim tells the Loop. “And then I just tried to think of any way I could salvage the situation. But this is a verbatim Q&A interview, so there was no way I could try to recapture everything she said.”

But Jarrett took sympathy on poor Heim and miraculously found time later that day to redo the interview by phone.

“She was incredibly gracious and good-humored about it. I mean, she might have thought I was a complete idiot, but if so, she didn’t let on,” Heim said.

He began his second interview asking Jarrett what she thought of a reporter who has to ask for a do-over because his recorder didn’t work.

“That he’s human. And it’s extremely refreshing,” she said.

The rest of the interview is quite fun. And though Jarrett wouldn’t give up any dirt on the Obamas, she did criticize former officials who wrote tell-all books after they left the White House, saying the positions they previously held in the administration “should come with a level of loyalty and silence. At least until the president is out of office.”