Ronald Reagan is suddenly the Democrats’ favorite prop.

After Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) brought a life-size cut-out of the late president to the House floor Wednesday, his office started taking requests.

So Thursday, Reagan was back on the floor with Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) so the Democrat could make the point that the former president had also issued executive orders related to immigration.

“I’m happy that President Barack Obama is following in that great and proud tradition set forward by President Ronald Reagan, that he would rather put families first, the demagoguery and any anti-immigrant policy always last,” Gutierrez said.

A day earlier Blumenauer had used the 2-D Reagan in a speech about raising the federal gas tax because Reagan had increased it when he was president.

Blumenauer joked off the floor with reporters that Reagan had been kidnapped, but his office assures us that he was only kidding, and that they are happy to lend Reagan out — especially to Democrats aiming to shame Republicans with their conservative icon. (Remember though, Reagan was a Democrat for most of his life.)

“He’s now become honorary staff,” Patrick Malone, Blumenauer spokesman said of flat Reagan. “It would seem strange to just fold him up and put him in the closet.” Malone bought the cardboard cutout of Reagan for his boss online before Thanksgiving to beat the cardboard cutout Cyber Monday rush. (Sure enough, you, too, can own one for a bargain $29.95.)

While Reagan may be the hot Hill sidekick now, he isn’t the first cardboard likeness to make an appearance on Capitol Hill:

And of course, who could forget this: