It’s a holiday card that makes a statement. It says, “Listen up, America. Hold on tight. We’ve had a bumpy ride, but I’ve got this.”

Your party wiped out in two consecutive midterm elections? Lifelong policy initiatives (high-speed rail?) stymied, or crushed? Your political aspirations hanging on someone else’s hard choices? All rough.

But Vice President Biden can handle a little choppy water.

This year’s Biden Family Holiday Card features the whole 13-member clan piled in a raft on the (looks to be serious level four) white waters of the Snake River in Wyoming, according to the Veep’s office. The vice president is smack in the middle holding on to either one of his grandkids or the boat.

(The picture was taken during his August 2014 vacation in Jackson Hole, site of that government-owned log cabin, the Brinkerhoff. His stay there spurred some scrutiny, but we won’t rehash it. It’s Christmas after all.)

Why this picture? “The Vice President couldn’t take all of his grand kids for a ride in a Corvette and this was the next best option,” his office said.

And the metaphor works.