So you’re a big shot in Washington, flying about the globe, trying to deal with the explosive Middle East, attending Saudi King Abdullah’s funeral with President Obama?

Yeah, well, not worth a hill of beans in Boston, it seems.

You still have to shovel the snow at your Beacon Hill  mansion when a blizzard hits town, as it did this week. If you don’t, secretary of state or not, you’re going to get smacked with a $50 fine, The Boston Globe reports. The ticket was issued at 9:45 a.m. Thursday. Also yellow tape was put up to warn folks of falling snow and ice from the top of the building.

Seems the snow removal company — What, you thought he did the shoveling himself? —  mistook the tape for police tape and thought they couldn’t cross it, State Department spokesman Glen Johnson told the Globe. But the shovelers cleared the area later that morning, he said, and “the secretary will gladly pay the ticket.”

Just don’t mess up again, pal.