Vice President Biden got up close and personal with new defense secretary Ashton Carter's wife, Stephanie, during the swearing-in ceremony. (Reuters)

Reporters get a lot of pitches. Most end up in our e-mail trash bin. But then there are some that simply can’t be ignored.

Like one we received Wednesday from Serbin Media, a Florida-based public relations company that promises “to put (clients) in the news and keep them in the news.” Although the news cycle had largely moved on from Vice President Biden’s too-close-for-comfort moment with the wife of new Defense Secretary Aston Carter, Serbin Media found a way to keep it in the news.

Hugging etiquette tips! Don’t make the same mistake as Biden in your business!

Serbin Media offered seven tips from Jacqueline Whitmore, founder of The Protocol School of Palm Beach, who said Biden went too far clasping Carter’s wife’s shoulders from behind and whispering in her ear.

“Hugging and touching someone in a business setting can oftentimes be misconstrued and lead to controversy or confusion,” she said in the press release.

Biden is known for being a close talker. If only he had Whitmore’s advice for the last 40-some years — could have saved him some awkward moments.

Among her tips, Whitmore says you should “always respect another person’s space” and “follow the three-second rule.” While Biden’s hands-on-shoulders isn’t quite a hug by normal hug standards, he did linger for about 20 seconds — more than six times longer than Whitmore says contact should last.

Duly noted.