At the end of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Chappaqua street sits a for-sale sign for a used e-mail server with a clean hard drive. It includes the Clintons’ home address and instructs interested buyers to, “See Bill.”

Gary Murphy — channeling his inner Jon Stewart, he says — was irked by former secretary of state Hillary Clinton’s reason for using a private server set up in her New York home to do all her e-mailing, both for personal conversations and State Department business.

So, Murphy, 44, who lives in Chappaqua, about two miles away from the Clintons’ home, was driving around Wednesday and decided to make his annoyance known.

“I listened to that press conference, and something bothered me. . . it seemed like such a controlled environment,” Murphy told the Loop in an interview Thursday. “It was kicking around in my head, just because she says it’s over doesn’t mean it’s over. …It was a real arrogant way to do it.”

Murphy, who owns a house-cleaning business and is a registered Republican, said he doesn’t agree with the Clintons’ politics, but doesn’t hold any ill will toward them. In fact, when he saw Bill Clinton in town once, he asked the former president to take a picture with his daughter.

But this episode with Clinton and the e-mails bothered him. “I see her playing the bully and the victim, and I don’t think you can be both,” he said.

For $3, Murphy bought the for-sale sign. He already had the black marker. And he made his move, planting the sign at the corner of the Clintons’ street. “I didn’t want to be intrusive and go up on their front lawn,’ he said.

So far local media have picked it up. He said “local folks are having fun with it.” He hasn’t heard any real backlash yet, but anticipates it will come.

“Once you inject yourself into something, you expect it … I did it in the tradition of parody and having fun with politics,” he said. “It’s one little thing to get my point across.”