Harry Reid is a friend to lobbyists. He just has no desire to be a lobbyist.

The 75-year-old Nevada Democrat isn’t sure what he’ll do after leaving the Senate, but he knows he won’t join so many of his former colleagues on K Street.

“I’d rather go to Singapore and have them beat me with whips” than be a lobbyist, he told the New York Times.

We assume Reid was referring to “caning,” a common form of corporal punishment in Singapore, but he didn’t elaborate. But anytime a former Senate majority leader conjures the image of getting whipped, he deserves a Loop Quote of the Week shout-out.

Now, Reid doesn’t have anything against the profession. Remember, his sons and son-in-law have worked as lobbyists. And in 2008, when newly-elected President Obama said he was cracking down on cozy lobbyist relationships, Reid leapt to their defense, telling ABC News that we ought to remember that lobbyists are people, too.

And he’s certainly had no issues taking lobbyist money — in the last campaign cycle, lobbyists gave his political and leadership committees $1.3 million.

But become a lobbyist himself? How revolting.