We tried, and again failed, to uncover one of the greatest mysteries of the Obama White House: Who is inside that Easter bunny costume?

The human-size white rabbit, always creepily lurking behind the president and the first lady at the annual Easter egg rolls, is a staple of the event, held Monday on the South Lawn. We have some solid intel on who played the important role in previous administrations. But we may never know who donned the suit for the Obamas.

Because the White House has decided (for some unknown reason) to keep this information secret.

We started asking the White House two years ago about who got the part. A campaign bundler a few hundred thousand dollars shy of an ambassador post? A Healthcare.gov technician? Joe Biden?

Republican National Committee spokesman Sean Spicer, who donned the suit for two years during the George W. Bush administration, had another idea.

“All I know is that Hillary Clinton’s team has been looking for ways to reinvent her image,” he offered.

The first year our inquiries were ignored. Then last year, a White House official told us the bunny identity was under seal — though said it was an “eggcellent question.”

We tried again Monday afternoon to no avail. But we did get another pun:

“I wish I could confirm this for you,” a White House official told us in an e-mail, “but I simply carrot.”