With former Rhode Island governor Lincoln Chafee (randomly) deciding to make Hillary Clinton work a little harder for the Democratic nomination, we realized he would be the very first president from the nation’s smallest state.

Now chances that Rhode Island earns that footnote in history in 2016 are about as likely as Alaska’s (sorry Sarah Palin fans). But since it feels like everyone is running for president, we wondered how much of the United States is actually represented by this ever-growing field of White House aspirants.

Answer? About one-third.

We assigned 23 (!) presidential candidates on our list* to the states they live in now and where they have made their political careers, not necessarily where they were born. Here’s the results:

While Rhode Island is not going to produce the next president, there are other states with a fighting chance to get their first-ever resident in the White House. Most notable is Florida, from whence both Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio hail. Wisconsin and Kentucky also have so-called “top tier” candidates in Scott Walker and Rand Paul respectively.

So, there are 17 states in the running to be the home of the next president. No one from the Great Plains states (other than Texas). In our nation’s history only 18 have earned those bragging rights with New York, Ohio and Virginia having the most.

(Side note: Pennsylvania, the birthplace of our government, has only had one: James Buchanan, perhaps our nation’s worst president. Its only chance to redeem itself this year is Rick Santorum.)

*List of candidates

Democrats: Hillary Clinton, New York; Jim Webb, Virginia; Bernie Sanders, Vermont; Lincoln Chaffee, Rhode Island; Martin O’Malley, Maryland

Republicans: Marco Rubio, Florida; Ted Cruz, Texas; Rand Paul, Kentucky; Rick Santorum, Pennsylvania; Rick Perry, Texas; Chris Christie, New Jersey; Jeb Bush, Florida; Scott Walker, Wisconsin; Bobby Jindal, Louisiana; Ben Carson, Maryland; John Kasich, Ohio; Carly Fiorina, California; George Pataki, New York; Mike Pence, Indiana; Lindsay Graham, South Carolina; Mike Huckabee, Arkansas; John Bolton, Maryland; Donald Trump, New York

(Correction: An earlier version of this post listed Webb in West Virginia. He’s from Virginia.)