The Secret Service has received its share of bad press, and while perhaps deservedly so, we’re not above shining a light when agents do good.

The agency’s counter-assault team (CAT) was doing advance work at a school in Nairobi, Kenya, ahead of former president Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton’s visit there last week. The agents, the baddest of the bad, noticed some kids in the yard kicking around an empty milk jug.

Warmed by the sight, these tough guys went into town and purchased brand new soccer balls, a source close to the Clintons told The Loop. They didn’t want the credit for their act of kindness, so they gave the gifts to Clinton’s permanent detail and asked for the balls to be delivered to the school’s headmaster.

The Clintons spent nine days in Africa visiting sites where the Clinton Foundation has projects. In Nairobi, they visited a primary school participating in the charity’s “No Ceilings” program to elevate opportunities for women and girls.

Now, the Clintons have also recently had some bad press related to the foundation’s foreign donors and transparency flaws, so here’s a little slice of positive attention about them.

When Bill Clinton heard about the agents’ goodwill he asked to meet with some of the soccer-playing students, our source tells us.

So as he was leaving, a group was waiting, wrapped soccer balls in hand, to greet the former president.

(Now, of course this is still Washington – even this feel-good story couldn’t be on the record.)