The Federal Aviation Administration did the equivalent Wednesday of telling a child: “Don’t you dare touch that.”

And of course, less than a day later, someone did.

The agency launched an educational campaign reminding the public you can’t fly drones in Washington.

“Federal rules prohibit any aircraft from operating in the Flight Restricted Zone around our nation’s capital without specific approval,” said Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, in a statement. “That includes all unmanned aircraft.”

And, as in any good public outreach effort, it took to social media:

The FAA said it in Spanish too:

But less than 24 hours later, on Thursday afternoon, a man tried to fly a drone on the White House lawn. That was just after the FAA reminded the Twitterverse once more:

Don’t make me tell you again…! Ok, well maybe once more. Right around the time the drone-flying man was being detained by Secret Service, the FAA cautioned:

You’ve been warned.