Former U.N. ambassador John Bolton’s announcement Thursday that he’s not running for the GOP nomination keeps the party’s officially declared candidate count at six, with four more — including Govs. Scott Walker (Wis.) and Bobby Jindal (La.) — likely by the end of May. (It also deprives the field of the best moustache ever.)

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush entered the race for three seconds on Wednesday, when he told our colleague Ed O’Keefe: “I’m running for president in 2016 and the focus is going to be about how we — if I run — how we create high, sustained economic growth where more people have a chance at earned success.” (Watch his eyes.)

When all’s said and done, about 16 more or less bona fide candidates and a few others might be declared by the first presidential primary debate in Cleveland in August.

The GOP has faced this problem. It had a record 10 candidates debating in 2008 and nine in 2012. But 16 (0r more) on one stage? A logistical nightmare.

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Some of the suggestions we’ve heard — having them ride mechanical bulls while answering questions, or getting one of those people-pushers they use in Japanese subways — seemed worth considering. Or maybe a creative use of risers or stage would help?

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