A State Department employee and a federal contractor allegedly conspired to defraud the government through the sale of nutritional supplements, according to federal court documents.

Tony Chandler, who worked at the Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations at State, oversaw claims and invoices from contractors. Marvin Hulsey was the project manager for one of those contractors.

On the side, Chandler was an independent distributor for Reliv International (according to his Linkedin page), a multi-level marketing company that sells nutritional supplements and skincare products.

Chandler, according to an indictment this week, sold the products to employees at Hulsey’s firm and received a commission for those sales. Hulsey allegedly reimbursed his employees and then filed fake invoices to cover the costs, of which Chandler approved.

“The purpose of this agreement was to cause the United States and the Department to incur costs for the sales of nutritional supplements for which Chandler was paid a commission,” according to the indictment, filed Thursday in the Eastern District of Virginia.

Both men are charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and multiple counts of wire fraud.  In the same indictment, Chandler is also charged with conflict of interest because he “knowingly and willfully” approved claims that financially benefited him.

If convicted, they would at the very least have to repay the government at least $31,607.33.