We imagine after President Obama’s foray Monday into the social media jungle that is Twitter, most of official Washington spent their afternoon refreshing their feed to see if they’d get added to @POTUS’s exclusive follow list.

At least one member of Congress (as of now, Obama isn’t following anyone on Capitol Hill) didn’t even try to play it cool:

If unwittingly offending people is a rite of passage on Twitter, then Obama already checked that box. He followed almost every Chicago sports team, but left out the Cubs, probably because he’s a White Sox fan. But the baseball team still took it as an affront:

And of course the White Sox just had to rub it in:


Others sought follow backs from the president’s new personal account:

Then, of course, there were the hot takes on WHAT DOES IT MEAN that Obama didn’t follow Hillary Clinton? But he did follow her husband, who had but one question for the sitting president.

And Obama responded.

Well played, Mr. Presidents.