The Senate, with a lot still on its plate these days (highways, government snooping and appropriations bills), managed to fill two more ambassadorial slots before slithering out of town early Saturday morning for a week’s vacation.

S. Fitzgerald Haney, an Obama contributor and mini-bundler with years of private- sector experience in Mexico and Central America, was confirmed by voice vote to be ambassador to lovely Costa Rica, land of beautiful flora, fauna and so forth.

Veteran career diplomat Paul Folmsbee, who’s served in Latin America and Asia as well as in Gabon and Kenya, also was confirmed by voice vote to be ambassador to Mali.

The action brings the number of political nominees awaiting Senate action down to five: John Estrada for Trinidad and Tobago (nominated in July 2013); Cassandra Butts for The Bahamas (February 2014); Charles Adams for Finland (July 2014); Azita Raji for Sweden (November 2014) and Samuel D. Heins for Norway (two weeks ago).

There are 22 career nominees pending.