The Hillary Clinton presidential campaign launch is set for June 13 on Roosevelt Island in New York’s East River, a site, as our colleague Philip Bump points out, is hard to get to on a normal day.

For the Clinton rally it promises to be a true nightmare. From Manhattan, there are three ways to get there. First, you can meander via car through the desolate back streets of Queens after you go over the 59th Street (or Queensboro or Koch) Bridge and drive over a small, two-lane bridge.

You can take a subway under the very deep underground tunnel  — which we’re told requires multiple escalators to get to the surface.

Or, if you don’t know someone with a jet ski or two-seat kayak, here’s the Loop’s much-preferred option: The tram from 59th and Second Avenue.

It only takes about five minutes and, at 250 feet up in the air, has some beautiful views up and down the river. There are reports that more than 100 (extremely, dangerously thin) people can get on the tram. We’re thinking maybe 50-60.

When you get off the tram, go toward the river, left at the end of the tennis bubble, and it’s a beautiful short walk down the river with nice views back to Manhattan along a narrow path that in no way can accommodate thousands of people — all of whom will be taking selfies. This better be a pretty limited, ticket-only event.

You should take food, water (it can get brutally hot at the FDR memorial) and go early. The tram, which costs $2.50, starts at 6 a.m. Be there.

Or watch it on television. Or wait a year. Or vote Republican.