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Robert ‘McDonalds’ Gibbs: Former Obama spokesman hired to do fast-food communications

A McDonald’s restaurant in Del Mar, Calif.  (Reuters/Mike Blake, file)

Michelle Obama is certainly not going to be lovin’ it.

Robert Gibbs, Obama’s first White House press secretary, is going to work for McDonald’s, the fast-food chain that made cheap burgers and fries an American way of life. The Gibbs hire brings “experience and outside perspective to McDonald’s as we build a more modern, progressive burger company,” McDonald’s president and CEO Steve Easterbrook said in a statement Tuesday morning.

McDonald’s has struggled in recent years to find its place in an evolving culinary marketplace, where consumers still want their food fast, but they increasingly want it healthy, organic and green. Who better than Gibbs, who ran comms for the candidate who made politics cool again (for a time), to do the same for Mickey D’s? Can he market the change we can believe in?

Though for most of us born before the clean eating/Paleo/gluten-free/no dairy/vegan diets swept the nation, McDonald’s exists not to be cool – and certainly not healthy – but to remind us of our youth. Of losing a shoe in the Playland ball pit, collecting every Happy Meal beanie baby, awaiting Shamrock Shake season. One bite into those over-salted shoestring fries and we’re 10 years old again.

We’re not sure what a “progressive burger company” looks like (Five Guys? Shake Shack?), but the Loop thinks Gibbs would be better off making the McRib a permanent menu item than introducing a quinoa kale salad.

Because, really, don’t we all deserve a break today?

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