It’s that time of the day again — time to sneak in a few moments to re-set your brain before taking on the afternoon workload. Ideas@Innovations continues on the road in California this week in San Francisco. Continue past the jump for a unique view of the city.

Filmed between June 2010 and August 19, 2011, in San Francisco, this video, created by videographer Wesley Townsend Kitten, uses digital, time-lapse photography to showcase the city.

Kitten said, via a post on his Vimeo account, that he began the project when few photographers were using time-lapse photography.

“Between the time I started and the time I finished, timelapses have become huge,” he said. “It’s amazing to see what fellow artists can make with even the most basic equipment.”

Using a combination of Canon D-SLR cameras, Kitten shot 28,000 frames and 85 different shots, investing more than 250 hours in the final project, his 5-minute time lapse of an entire San Francisco year.

Now if only time spent at work could pass as fast as it does in this video.


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