Blogger BirdAbroad snapped this photo inside a fake Apple store. (BirdAbroad/BirdAbroad)

Reuters reports that customers who had purchased products from the copycat store went back for refunds and scolded staff for lying to them. One shopper, who went by the name Wang, was near tears, having spent more than $2,000 for a 13-inch MacBook Pro and an 3G iPhone. "The biggest thing I'm upset about is that I spent so much money at this store and I don't even know whether it is real or not," she told Reuters.

One employee responded defiantly to the negative feedback and extensive media coverage, arguing that the store, while unauthorized, does not sell fake Apple products. However, angry customers, like Wang, started asking for receipts they had been told they could come back to the store and receive later.

The blogger, BirdAbroad, who originally broke the story has since updated the original post, refusing to reveal the address of the stores photographed. “I will not be publishing on this blog the addresses of the stores I photographed,” wrote the blogger who declines to release his or her identity. “If you live in China, you’ll understand why.”

A request for comment from Apple has not been returned. However, the Daily Mail reports that an Apple spokeswoman has confirmed the store in Kunming is not real.