It’s that time of the day again. The time when your lunch asserts dominance over your brain and your head begins to nod toward your desk. Well, here’s your afternoon pick-u-up.

It appears to be the day of the androids (or perhaps the week). This afternoon’s video is an address by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who accepted an honorary degree from Concordia University and discussed the promise of a robot-filled future.

“So the androids have really already won,” said Wozniak (not referring to the Google android platform). “I hope they treat us as well as we would want them to.”

Oh, and if Wozniak doesn’t pry your face from your desk, here’s the principal of Ming-Dao high school in Taiwan showing up to graduation in full-on Iron Man gear. “If you discover, believe and go beyond yourself,” says Principal Albert T. Wang, “you are also Iron Man.”

This, of course, is followed by raucous cheers, squeals and applause.

Now, back to work.

(Source: Wozniak via the Montreal Gazette / Principal Iron Man via Gizmodo)