Actor Ashton Kutcher reacts during an interview in a shopping center in Pasching some 112 miles West of Vienna on Oct. 29, 2010. (HERWIG PRAMMER/REUTERS)

No one, aside from those on the inside, appear to know what Amen is. And that inner circle appears to now include actor Ashton Kutcher and Madonna’s manager, Guy Oseary. TechCrunch reports that the two have invested in the project, which is currently the source of a great deal of buzz in Berlin — where Amen is based.

Kutcher, who famously beat out cable news network CNN in a race to 1 million Twitter followers, continues to be one of the most popular celebrities on Twitter (he now has 7.2 million followers as of the writing of this post). So, having him in your corner if you are a new (maybe) social media start-up, especially if he is willing to put money on the table, is a good sign that your project has the potential for broad appeal. It also doesn’t hurt to have the manager for a world-renowned, single-name pop icon investing in you either.

This is not Kutcher’s first foray into entre­pre­neur­ship. Kutcher co-founded his own television production company, Katalyst Media. and served as the creative director for ooma, which had the goal of transitioning the home phone to be more like cell phones. The Washington Post also named Kutcher #3 on the list of “Most Innovative Celebrities” in 2008.

Kutcher and Oseary aren’t the only ones backing Amen. TechCrunch also reports that the lead investor is Index Ventures, and that seed round funding is at $2 million. Index’s portfolio includes a variety of Web-based products, platforms and sites, including Etsy, Flipboard, Path and UberMedia.