Olly could remind you of a moment like this every time you get an e-mail. (Custom Medical Stock Photo/Alamy)

If you’ve always wanted to smell the Internet, Olly may be what you have been looking for, to a point.

The device, created by Mint Digital Foundry, allows users to place essential oils or, yes, even fruit into a robot-like device that can then be programmed to release the scents when certain events happen on your computer, according to reporting by The Next Web’s Martin Bryant, Monday.

But, unlike Smell-O-Vision, the brief and unsuccessful attempt to make movies an olfactory experience in the 1960s, Olly produces smells that are not exactly representative of your experience online. Rather, the scents are linked to certain events, such as a user liking a photo on Instagram, or calendar notifications.

But here’s where Olly is particularly innovative: You don’t need to buy one online or in a store. If you have a 3-D printer, you can make your own. The instructions are available online. Also, the device is stackable, meaning you can create a tower of individual Olly boxes to produce a wide-range of scents for an even wider range of alerts. According to the Web site, “All the parts, code and instructions to Olly are fully accessible and open. ... Olly is what you make him.”

Welcome to the new age of manufacturing, brought to you, at least in this case, by Olly.

(The Next Web)

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