Choosing what color to paint your walls is no small task, and the process doesn’t get easier when you decide to go with wallpaper. After all, wallpaper and paint colors can change with the lighting. A gray paint in the early morning can take on a blue tint in the evening. And, as we’ve written before, color perception is somewhat subjective.

But a new type of wallpaper not only changes colors under certain light, it changes patterns as well.

The wallpaper is covering the walls of a London bar, DreamBagsJaguar Shoes, as part of an art installation. Created by Carnovsky, a design team made up of Francesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla, the wallpaper contains designs overlayed in red, blue and green. When seen in normal light, the paper is an almost indiscernible rainbow of images on top of one another. But change the ambient light to red, blue or green and the paper shows a different landscape of clear images.

In a piece for Forbes, Hayden Shaughnessy writes:

The Carnovsky papers have been on display elsewhere — I can’t help thinking this is as good as any screen-based, tech-centric innovation. I love it and the sense of renewing the visual landscape.

Design: Carnovsky. Photos by Jeff Metal courtesy of JaguarShoes Collective (Jeff Metal/Carnovsky)

(Dezeen via Forbes)