Thousands of photos of cats were crowdsourced via Facebook and projected around a young hospital patient’s isolation tent. The video of her reaction was posted on YouTube. (Ron Johnson/AP)

I’ve been a little busy with news about the Mars rover landing the past couple of days. While taking a break, however, I noticed the Internet, well, winning.

It starts with a teenager and Seattle Children’s Hospital. Maga Brazallo, a cancer patient, is in isolation at the facility awaiting a bone marrow transplant. She naturally misses her cat, Merry.

So, what does the Internet do? It brings thousands — about 3,000 — cat photos to her, crowdsourcing the images via the Seattle Children’s Hospital Facebook page.

The photos were then projected around Maga’s hospital isolation tent, complete with purring sounds.

Just hearing Maga’s “oohs,” “aahs,” and “oh, my God” should warm even the coldest heart.

“Thank you for taking all the time and sending these pictures in because it means so much to me,” said Maga. “They’re all very cute.”

Yes, this is what it looks like when the Internet wins.

Thanks to io9 for putting this in our path.

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