Your lunch coma is probably taking over right about now. The afternoon pick-u-up is here to help you through it:

An artist-architect duo in France found a new way to make use of 65,000 abandoned CDs while creating a public work of art.

Artist Elise Morin and architect Clemence Eliard’s “WasteLandscape" was created in an effort to raise environmental awareness. With the growing popularity of digital music, there are fears that old petroleum-based CDs will end up in landfills.

Each CD was hand-sewn into a structure that stretches over 500-square meters. Once completed, the blanket of CDs was placed on plastic bubble-shaped tarps that were filled with air.

The exhibit is on display at the Paris art center, Centquatre, until Sept. 10, and will travel, with a different look in each location, before being recycled.

(Designboom via Vimeo)