Screenshot from the dating Web site Clique that is setting off ripples in New York City. (Clique)

Think, if you tightly manage your Facebook privacy settings. Clique users can only connect with people who are two degrees of separation, or less, from a friend. Friends who recommend dates for other friends are called “wingmen.” So, if you trust your friends to vet your potential dates, Clique is probably the dating site for you.

In an interview with The Next Web’s courtney Boyd Myers, Clique’s creator, Christy Purington, described the site’s purpose:

The end goal has two components: for daters to discover new people in their social graph as potential dates. Second, it’s for users – single or taken – to set up their friends.”

The site pulls in feeds from Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Netflix and Goodreads in an effort to “offer a more candid view of yourself to potential dates,” says Purington. So, rather than just build a profile from scratch by writing (lying?) about yourself, your social networking history recommends you to potential dates.

As to whether Clique will remain a free service, Purington says she wants to avoid the subscription model, but is exploring the option of charging users for the second tier of connections or the offering of daily deals or rewards for successful matchmakers.

Read the full interview at The Next Web.

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