Good morning!

There’s a lot going on in the world (ahem, Greece!), with some interesting developments in the world of innovations as well. So let’s get to it.

1) Craig Newmark (yes, that Craig) launches veterans’ charity competition

Craigslist founder Craig Newmark has launched a $100,000 charity competition as part of his non-profit project Craig Connects. The competition pits veterans’ organizations against one another, with grants going to the organizations that receive the most individual donations. Newmark’s charity is giving away a total of $100,000, with a top prize of $40,000.


2) Google takes on clean energy innovation

In the midst of the rush to get on Google + and try out “Swiffy,” Google released a report, taking on the United States’ energy challenges. The report is titled “The Impact of Clean Energy Innovation,” and it “attempts to estimate the potential impact clean energy innovation could have on the US economy and energy landscape.”

The report addresses a number of alternative energy solutions and the potential ramifications of continuing on the present course of energy generation. It concludes that between 2030 and 2050, if major investments are made in certain “clean generation” technologies, there could be “enormous dividends:”

This project’s analysis suggests that breakthroughs in clean energy technologies could meaningfully improve the quality of our lives. Some of these benefits could accrue quickly, such as switching away from oil to electric transportation. Others, like lower-cost clean generation technologies, are longterm investments which begin paying enormous dividends around 2030, increasing through 2050.

(Huffington Post)

3) MySpace is sold, and Justin Timberlake takes method acting to a new level

The MySpace sale is complete, but not without some interesting news in regards to pop-star and actor Justin Timberlake, who has a $35 million stake in the sale of the social network to Specific Media.

Why the acting reference, you ask? If you haven’t yet, go see “The Social Network,” and all will be made clear.

4) Fear is the killer of biomedical innovation

Innovation News Daily’s Jeremy Hsu explores how the fear of risk, whether it be cost- or regulation-related, is threatening to kill biomedical innovation:

Now, experts say, there is an often-unspoken fear of risk that threatens to kill the spirit of biomedical innovation. Whether it's avoiding the risk of spending money on possible breakthrough treatments or trying to screen out risk by extending regulatory reviews of new drugs or vaccines, society has responded to that fear in ways that may keep innovation sidelined.

(Innovation News Daily)

5) Larry Summers joins Silicon Valley VC firm

Andreessen Horowitz on Wednesday tapped former White House economic director Larry Summers as a special adviser.

Summers, who spoke on Tuesday about the need for a discussion focused on innovation opportunities rather than innovation problems, said he had “no interest in being a Rolodex man” for the firm.