Two attendees play the new game The House of the Dead: Overkill. (FRED PROUSER/REUTERS)

A gaming population that was once dominated by men now includes women, thanks to the incorporation of gaming on mobile devices. The gender balance is nearly even in gaming, and the range of user types — from casual to hard-core gamers — varies widely. This, writes Mobiledia’s Kat Asharya, could lead to games that go beyond the digital and transition into reality:

New gamers are shown to be very socially conscious, heavily engaged with the “offline” world and imbued with a strong drive to improve themselves and the world around them. Latitude found that 95 percent of surveyed gamers would like to see more games combining digital content with the real, physical world.

This new type of gameplay could incorporate augmented reality, allowing gamers to monitor, in their virtual lives, goals they wish to achieve in their real lives. These games may also incorporate scavenger hunts and philanthropic efforts.