View Photo Gallery: Eleven leading philanthropists spoke with The Washington Post’s Tom Heath about how much they have given in the past year, and their approach to charitable giving.

Eleven philanthropists spoke with the Post’s Tom Heath regarding how much they have given in the past year, and their strategy for giving.

Wendy Thompson Marquez is president and CEO of EVS Communications, a nonprofit organization that uses media to reach underserved Latino communities. She is also president of Onyx Media Group, which creates socially relevant films and television programs.

Ballpark, how much do you give?
For my husband, Dario O. Marquez, and me, it is not the amount we give that matters, but the groups we give to. For us, there’s nothing more important than providing opportunities for Latino children to obtain a college degree.

Has the focus of your philanthropy changed since the recession?
We are more proactive in helping organizations that are struggling to keep their doors open. The impact would be devastating for local families whose children benefit from tutoring, after-school activities, mentoring and college tuition assistance.

How about the amount?
The amount has increased, but so has our commitment. It’s not enough to simply write a check. It’s also about the role of philanthropists to connect local nonprofits with people who can help financially as well as provide expertise.

How do you gauge the impact?
I’m not on the sidelines. I attend meetings. I make site visits. I mentor young people. There were many people who did that when I was coming up. Now it’s my turn.

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