You may have heard that the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 512 points Thursday. Now the Web is a-buzz with talk of the gains being experienced by gold and silver — two go-to commodities in times of economic uncertainty.

While it may be too soon for Glenn Beck to say “I told you so,” the rise in gold and silver value relative to the overall drop in commodities is noteworthy. But is purchasing gold and silver the only way to weather the market decline? After all, the stock market goes up and down. As I am writing this, and in the wake of the jobs report released Friday morning, the markets have started to fluctuate.

But in the aggregate, the signs of serious problems are still ever-present. As The Post’s Neil Irwin writes:

A dangerous dynamic is taking hold in which the spreading debt troubles in Europe create new risks for the United States, while the chance of another U.S. recession makes the European fiscal crisis even worse. And these perils come as China and other rising economic powers are trying to slow their economies to combat inflation, leaving the world without any obvious tent pole to hold up global growth.

This type of long-term economic outlook requires a new way of thinking about how we save, how we spend and how we invest, not only as organizations but on an individual basis. With that in mind, we want to hear from you.

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