A T-800 Terminator in a scene from "Terminator Salvation," a Warner Bros. Pictures release. (Richard Foreman/Warner Bros. Pictures)

If you’ve ever seen one (or all) of the “Terminator” films, then you probably remember the Terminator view — a red color-saturated display featuring a steady stream of related data on the person, place or thing the Terminator was about to protect or, more likely, destroy.

This, according to reports, is something like what we might expect from Google glasses — the new technology the company is reportedly working on in its highly secretive Google X laboratory. We decided to take to Storify to explore some recent, notable developments in augmented reality.

Also, Post technology reporter, Hayley Tsukayama poses the question: “Would you buy Google glasses?” And we would like to echo a question posed by the folks at PopSci: Could Google glasses mean the end of reality as we know it?

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Disclosure: My brother works for Google, but he does not work for Google X laboratories.

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