Google released a preview of Project Glass Wednesday, but where were the ads? (Google)

You’ve probably heard the news by now, Google released a preview of their Project Glass — the augmented reality glasses that promise to put the Web in front of your eyes from the time they open to the time they close for the night.

The release consisted of the launch of a Google+ page, photos and a video showing what your reality might look like as augmented by Google. Noticeably missing from the video, however, were Google’s famous AdWords.

On April 5, Jonathan McIntosh posted this video to YouTube remixing the original:

The video places advertising alongside the bells and whistles presented in Google’s original.

In McIntosh’s version there are ads for Starbucks and McDonald’s as you enjoy your breakfast. When you try to find out where the music section is in a book store, you’ll see Google ads for albums you may want to buy alongside the Google Map.

You’re running late for a meeting? Cue ads for sneakers.

And, as you’re serenading your girlfriend with a ukulele and treating her to a sunset view there will be ads not only for the ukulele, but to watch “The New Girl,” and listen to music, and New Jersey hotels, and Groupon’s “Deals of the Day” and. . .you get the idea.

“When I saw Google had somehow forgotten to include the ads in their Project Glass augmented reality promotional video — I just couldn't resist fixing the oversight for them,” writes McIntosh on the YouTube page. “Because let's face it, Google really is just a massive advertising company at heart.”

The glasses, which are still in testing and Google has hinted will almost certainly not be available to consumers this year, have arrived to mixed reviews, as the Post’s Maura Judkis writes (Judkis also includes another take on the Google glasses worth watching).

However, as the Post’s Hayley Tsukayama writes:

For now, I’m guessing that the technology we see in Google’s Project Glass will become useful in other ways, for other, possibly similar, products, and that this first iteration of the idea will be one of those products that we remember as something that could have changed the way we live.

(via The Atlantic)

Full disclosure: My brother works for Google, but he does not work on Project Glass.

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