The lunch vs. sleep battle is on yet again. That’s why we’re here with the PM pick-u-up!

The July 4th weekend will soon be upon us — a time to remember the sacrifices of those in uniform and their families. On Thursday, Academy Award-nominee Gary Sinise will be at The National Press Club to announce the creation of The Gary Sinise Foundation and the July 4th release of the documentary “Lt. Dan Band: For the Common Good.” The film chronicles Sinise’s travels across the country and to the war zone in Afghanistan playing free concerts for members of the armed forces.

Sinise, who plays, Detective Mac Taylor on CBS’s “CSI: New York” and is most famous for his portrayal of Lt. Dan in “Forest Gump,” will sit down with us Thursday for an interview following his address. We figure it’s a safe bet he’s seen some people do some pretty innovative things on behalf of military families — not to mention what those families are doing themselves to get through repeated deployments and long-term separations.

But, before we sit down with Sinise, we want to hear from you. In what ways have you seen people help out, and what mechanisms have you seen military families use to cope?

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