Miguel Hanson, right, kisses his fiancee Diana Wesley by the computer Thursday, July 28, 2011, in Humble, Texas. (David J. Phillip/AP)

In today’s afternoon pick-u-up, we have yet another Skynet alert.

Miguel Hanson and Diana Wesley decided to tie the knot in front of Rev. Bit. Who is Rev. Bit, you ask? Rev. Bit is a computer. The couple couldn’t get a friend to officiate the wedding, so Hanson started programming a solution.

“Nothing about this wedding was traditional. We’re not a traditional couple,” said Wesley during an interview with CNN. “We’re kind of geeky, we’re kind of techy, and this was, for us, everything we wanted.”

The virtual minister’s square face took up half of the 30-inch screen, which was placed below an archway of flowers. There was a slightly awkward pause after the rings were exchanged. But, overall, the couple deemed the wedding a success, leaving the roughly 30 guests in attendance cheering.

(Via CNN / AP)